Guld & silver

  • “The Wolves Get the Golden Fleese as the Sheep Get Shorn One More Time”Bob Moriarty
  • “John Hathaway Says We Now Have Entered A Momentous Period For Gold”
  • “Correction Almost Completed”Avi Gilburt
  • “And You Thought the Silver Market Was Rigged”Dr. Jeffrey Lewis
  • “Bull Markets Have Corrections” – Gary Savage
  • “”Investment Returns Will Be Very Low Going Forward” Ray Dalio Says Gold Could Prove Preferable”Zerohedge
  • “India’s Gold Demand Gets Rolling – An “Unofficial” Bottom?””Dave Kranzler
  • “Here’s What Could Drive Gold To a Record in Next Two Years: Top Forecaster”Bloomberg


  • “Deutsche Bank Said to Increase Size of Private Bond Raising”Bloomberg
  • “Deutsche Bank Stock Slides As Short-Term Funding Cost Rises”Zerohedge
  • “Germany’s Banking Problem Is Bigger Than Deutsche Bank”WSJ


  • “Ericsson Profit Plunges as Equipment Maker’s Woes Intensify” Bloomberg
  • “Nuclear War Is On the Horizon: “This is Not Just Talk… Action Has Been Taken”Jeremiah Johnson
  • “The Eurasian Century Is NOW Unstoppable”

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