Catalyst Watch

Below are a handful of companies that I follow that have high impact catalysts coming in the not too distant future. I of course follow more companies with plenty of catalysts, but it will be hard to keep every company’s catalyst cheat sheet up to date. Some catalysts have time lines attached to them. These time lines are just my personal guesstimates.

Novo Resources

  1. More news from Egina – Before year end
    1. 2x 1,000 tonne bulk samples
  2. More news on processing
  3. Path forward for BC
  4. News on Comet Well, Virgin Creek, Contact Creek, Talga Talga and/or Blue Spec
  5. News on additional findings during the 2019 helicopter assisted exploration program

Irving Resources

  1. Omui Mine Site drill results – Soon
  2. Start of Phase 2 drill campaign start at Omu Sinter – January, 2020
  3. Shipping Omui Mine bulk sample material to smelters and bulk sample results – 2020
  4. Prospecting results from Hokuryu and Maruyama

Lion One Metals

  1. Drill results from the first deeper hole at Tuvatu – Very soon
  2. Initial assays from many new gold occurrences in areas highlighted by BLEG sampling – Before year end
  3. CSAMT survey results

TriStar Gold

  1. Feasibility drilling results from two rigs operating at Castelo de Sonhos

Miramont Resources

  1. News on project acquisition – Soon

GFG Resources

  1. Assay results from Newcrest’s deep drill campagin at Rattlesnake Hills – December, 2019