Get the picture?

… Alluvial gold does not jump.


Forward looking/Speculation:


3 thoughts on “Novo: Egina Swales

  1. David Tink says:

    Hi Erik, you have shown this image a few times and I have mentioned before that the direct line between The Egina Mining Lease and Paradise is directly and significantly through the Novo/PIO joint venture. Why do you have no comment on the potential of this JV?

    1. admin says:

      I’m focusing on the big picture and I have never owned any PIO. Is PIO Essential Metals now?


      1. David Tink says:

        Yep, Essential Metals. I suppose we’ll see just how important this section of land is to Novo over the next 60 days because it is my understanding that unless Novo expends A$500k by 18 September they will not have a JV and Essential Metals will resume 100% control.

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