It’s important to know why you own a stock, what you wish to see in order to continue holding it and therefore what might trigger you to sell.

Below are a few mental exercises I try to remind myself of now and then when I reflect on my own portfolio:

  • Can you explain the case for a stock in less than two minutes?
  • If you were not allowed to sell stocks within 2 years would your portfolio look the same?
  • If you were only allowed to buy 20 stocks in your life would your portfolio look different?

A few examples of my current sentiment in select stocks…

Actual Path to Production and Long Term Business Model/Growth (HODL until further notice)

  • Novo Resources (Very near term production potential and by far the biggest blue sky potential in the sector)
  • Kuya Silver (Near/medium term production potential with intent on growth through exploration and acquisition. Not tier 1 jurisdiction)
  • Lion One Metals (Medium term production potential with true tier 1 exploration potential)

Take Over Candidates (HODL until further notice)

  • Lion One Metals (Fully permitted, low CAPEX and tier 1 potential and tier 2 jurisdiction)
  • Irving Resources (Great business model (flux) & huge pipeline but in difficult jurisdiction)
  • New Found Gold (Tier 1 potential in tier 1 jurisdiction)
  • Eskay Mining (Multiple targets, tier 1 potential and tier 1 jurisdiction, numbers game)
  • TriStar Gold (Great economics and growth potential but not tier 1 jurisdiction)

Everything else: Pretty much up in the air and tend to be cheaper than all of the above. 

Lastly, there is a lot of underappreciated wisdom in this lecture by the legendary investor Peter Lynch:


Note: Note investment advice. I own shares of all companies and some are banner sponsors. Always do your own due diligence.

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