GDXJ: Time to Look For Opportunities?

Money Flows
Perhaps you have heard about the issues Van Eck have had in regards to GDXJ, in that the ETF has experienced such big inflow volumes that it started to push 10%+ ownership in some miners. This has led to operational problems and can lead to...
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A Look at Gold Miners Correlation Numbers

Background In the last couple of days, some of my best performers have been Novo Resources and Orca Gold. These two companies performed pretty well despite gold posting a minor decline. I have personally found that the mentioned shares seem to trade somewhat differently compared...
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Portfolio Update

Bought some more shares of Sage Gold, Southern Silver Exploration as well as Kootenay Silver. Sold a small percentage of Golden Arrow Resources. Also added a small position in JDST (A 3x leveraged gold junir bear ETF) for hedging purposes. I think the next few days...
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Correlation Table: Added USD/Indian Rupee

Correlation table
I decided to add the currency of the worlds biggest or at least second biggest gold consumer, and the biggest silver consumer to my correlation table, namely the Indian Rupee (INR). One would think that the strength of India’s currency, ergo the international purchasing power...
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A Snapshot of My Gold Company Watchlist

Below is a snapshot from one of my spread sheets I use for comparisons in regards to gold developers and explorers. The valuation data is updated automatically every 2 minutes or so (Gold/silver price, stock price and exchange rate). I may be putting some documents online...
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Gold & Silver: The perfect storm?

I believe that there will be some huge moves in the precious metals in the near future since we are nearing the end of some critical wedge patterns in both gold, silver, the silver/gold ration as well as the mining stocks. The direction of the...
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