Joe Mazundar on The Recent M&A

Joe Mazundar
Joe Mazundar of Exploration Insights covers the recent major M&A action, as well as what it means for mid tiers and other companies, that might be involved as the majors shed assets (among other things)…   Best regards, The Hedgeless Horseman Follow me on twitter:
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Northern Empire Resources: My New Top 5 Holding

Website: Latest Video Presentation: LINK Stock ticker: NM Flagship project: Sterling Gold Property (95 km2 ), Walker Lane Trend, Nevada Additional project: Richardson Gold Project (28,762 acres), Alaska  Additional project: Hoodoo Canyon Property, Nevada (Currently leased to Newmont) Royalties owned: 2 Location: Nevada, USA Shares outstanding (basic): 45.8 M Shares...
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If you want to show appreciation