Gold: Monthly


Gold Monthly

Gold (monthly).

  • Higher lows in RSI (Bullish).
  • MACD is turning up and is near positive territory (Bullish).
  • A lot of room left to upper Bollinger Band.
  • Overall: Bullish


Gold: Weekly


Gold weekly

Gold (weekly).

  • MACD cross (Bullish).
  • Price above Bollinger Median with a lot room left to run to upper band (Slightly bullish).
  • Sharp RSI uptrend that points to momentum (Bullish).
  • No crossing of 100 and 200 Moving Average yet (Neutral).
  • Overall: Slightly bullish.


Gold: Daily


Gold Daily

Gold (daily).

  • Higher lows in RSI (Bullish).
  • Price above 100 Day Moving Average (Bullish).
  • Price below 200 Day Moving Average (Bearish).
  • Still a negative crossing of 100 and 200 Moving Average (Bearish, but indicator very laggy for daily charts).
  • Positive MACD crossing (Slightly bullish)
  • Price just above upper Bollinger Band. (Very bullish OR very bearish).
    • A real breakout can be very bullish and signal that the daily cycle is far from over.
    • … Or we will be making at least a short term top here that should not be alarming.
    • However I am more inclined to a bullish leaning since we have such a huge momentum in RSI.
  • Overall: Neutral/Slightly bullish.

Personally I am still LONG gold/silver with full exposure.


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