• “Europe liquidity, banking system collapses as Deutsche hits single-digits”Zerohedge
  • “Deutsche bank yield curve inverts as counterparty risk hedging spikes despite DOJ rumors” Zerohedge
  • “Deutsche Banks’s meteoric crash draws closer as banks brace for impact”TheWealthWatchman
  • “Deutsche Bank slips below 10 Euros as options traders bet on 8”Bloomberg
  • “Cryan defends Deutsche Bank as some clients reduce exposure”Bloomberg
  • “U.S Stocks rise as Deutsche Bank erases slump; Euro pares loss”Bloomberg

Guld & silver

  • “The biggest scandal”Ted Butler
  • “The skeptic’s simple case for gold”Seekingalpha
  • “Everything you need to know about gold in 50 stunning slides”
  • “Gold buying picks up ahead of India’s festive season, China holiday”Reuters


  • “Blackstone group says the market is the most treacherous they have seen”TheDollarVigilante

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