A flyover of Novo Resources’ Nullagine Gold Project in Western Australia. Gold production at the Nullagine Gold Project for July 2021 was a record month of 8,589 ounces.

One thought on “Novo (NVO.TO): Nullagine Gold Project Flyover

  1. Sach says:

    I suspect that the price of Novo is reflecting the risk of shutting down the mine operation due to the Australian government’s batsh-t craziness about COVID. And with the “always promised, always forecast” stock market correction expected this fall, the share price is likely to fall much further.

    Who would have thought that Australia would be the next Nazi-like empire in the world, of course, after they disarmed their citizens. Their government is acting like a third world country run by an insane dictator. For this reason, no more purchases of any mining or exploration stocks with operations or projects in Australia. Unless there is a mass uprising that removes Australia’s “D” team politicians, IMHO, the nation and its miners will eventually be bankrupt.

    Going forward, I am just going to focus on 3 or 4 explorers in NewFoundland and not waste my time on other candidates anywhere else in the world.

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