Erik Wetterling, Founder and Editor of the Hedgeless Horseman website, joins us to review his strategy with value investing in junior miners. He prefers tuning out much of the macroeconomic noise, that may be affecting the gold or silver prices, to focus instead on the micro fundamental value-creation with the junior mining companies.  As a contrarian value investor in the precious metals mining stocks, Eric mentions that it is less about trying to time markets or following the metal price gyrations. Instead, he is more focused on acquiring good fundamental value in company projects at a deep discount due to lack of investor of interest or negative sentiment in the sector.   He invests as if it were a bear market, so that he can be pleasantly surprised when the metals and miners do shift into bullish runs higher. 

Erik outlines why he is constructive on the projects and work being done by the teams at Eloro Resources (TSX.V: ELO), Goliath Resources (TSX.V: GOT), and Defiance Silver (TSX.V: DEF).

CLICK HERE to listen to the interview

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