4 thoughts on “Boom – Welcome to the new era

  1. ursel doran says:

    Portrait painter captures the soul of the subject.

  2. bonzo barzini says:

    In a raging bull market for gold the big institutions may just buy NEM, Barrick, WPM, AEM, and FNV and be too lazy to study the greatness of ESK, NFG, IRV, LIO, FFOX, GOT, DV, LAB, NOVO, TLRS, BYN, B, ELO, etc. So the big miners may do better than the junior explorers for a while.

    1. admin says:

      For sure bonzo,

      Wouldn’t be surprised if NEM isn’t that cheap even. The juniors though…. Geesh

  3. Travis Bruce says:

    NEM was not on my radar until it was mentioned here. I was blown away by the chart and hit it hard. Will it be my buy of the year? Thanks Erik!

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