By Ellsworth Dickson

Since the mid-1800s, Australia’s mining industry has grown to the point where, together, mining and the mining equipment, technology and services sector account for approximately 15% of Australia’s gross domestic product and support (directly and indirectly) 1.1 million jobs – around 10% of Australia’s total workforce, according to the Minerals Council of Australia.

“Mineral exploration in Australia is absolutely booming right now,” says Alistair Waddell, President and CEO of Inflection Resources. “Australia’s federal and state governments in conjunction with Geoscience Australia have done a spectacular job in compiling vast amount of quality exploration data with a large number of world-class precompetitive initiatives that are unlike any I have seen anywhere else.  This long-term commitment to exploration and the mining industry in general is to be commended and ultimately has led to a number of new discoveries in recent years…”

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