Action over the last two weeks

New positions:

  • Bitterroot Resources (re-entry)
  • Avino Silver and Gold Mines (re-entry)
  • Impact Silver (re-entry)
  • Brixton Metals (re-entry)
  • Americas Silver Corp (re-entry)
  • Golden Arrow Resources Corp (re-entry)
  • Klondex Mines
  • Red Eagle Mining
  • Almadex Minerals
  • Aurvista Gold Corp

Most new positions are max 3% and thus quite small. I am looking to add more in some cases.

Fully cut positions:

  • Maya Gold and Silver (Ethical reasons)
  • GMV Minerals (may re-enter later)

Increased positions:

  • Newrange Gold
  • Dolly Varden Silver
  • Otis Gold Corp
  • Novo Resources (small add)

Decreased positions

  • Telson Resources (Still bullish)
  • Metals Creek Resources (Neutral)
  • Sunvest Minerals (Neutral)
  • TerraX  Minerals (Neutral)

… There has been a fair amount of re-shuffling in the portfolio these past couple of weeks. Mostly it has been because of “alternative costs” and not because any specific company has shown a material change in story. Some stocks simply held up better while others have seen large pull backs, therefore spurring me to take profits (or losses) in some, while loading up on companies that has been (IMHO) unfairly punished.


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