The above link takes you to the audio only interview did with Quinton Hennigh of Novo Resources. This is a must listen for anyone interested in Novo Resources and what shareholders can expect in the coming months. I have personally listened to it three times already because I don’t want to miss a single thing. It’s everyone’s responsibility to form their own opinion.

I believe that in order to “beat the market”, you have to look further into the future than the market, which seems to be very short sighted a lot of the time. I bought more Novo Resources yesterday because I think the market wasn’t pricing in anything beyond Purdy’s Reward (if even that much). It’s not that I know Novo will be a huge success, but rather that I really liked the Risk/Reward at these levels. When I don’t have to pay that much for any potential success, that’s a deal I like.

Kirkland lake (biggest shareholder in Novo) also had a recent presentation where the CEO got questioned about Novo Resources:


Tidbits from the presentation:

  • “Had a geologist there looking for quite some time”
  • “Definetely gold there”
  • “Thesis is that its potentially a very very large deposit”
  • “It’s green field”
  • “Works is to figure out and understand it”
  • “90 kilometer of exposure”
  • “We think there’s somethign there”
  • “If its got 90km of strike it definetely has potential to go down dip”.

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