A cheat sheet for what I am patiently waiting on to hear from some of my holdings:

Novo Resources (Sponsor)

  1. Egina news (expected this week)
  2. Green light to step out into the greater terrace aka the main prize at Egina (expected Aug-Sept)
  3. Optionality study conclusions and path forward for East Pilbara/Beaton’s Creek (pending)
  4. Further news on the expected 2-3 new discoveries (pending)
  5. Further news on Talga Talga (East Pilbara) which seems to have gotten better in the eyes of Novo (pending)
  6. Further news on Virgin Creek (East Pilbara)
  7. Further news on conglomerates found in the older Mallina Basin (pending)
  8. Further news on ore sorting and other processing alternatives (pending)

Irving Resources

  1. Update on the drilling at Omu Sinter (pending but I expect some news soon)
    1. Visuals
    2. Assays
    3. (Potential) boiling zone characteristics
  2. Update on bulk sampling/trial mining at Omui Mine Site(pending)
  3. Update on path forward for Hokuryu and Omui Mine Site in terms of drilling (pending)

Lion One Metals (Sponsor)

  1. BLEG results (pending)
  2. Assays from the ongoing drill campaign (pending)
  3. Update on how the newly completed assay lab will impact future assay timelines

Miramont Resources (Sponsor)

  1. Update on new project acquisition (pending)
  2. Update on potential path forward for Lukkacha (pending)

Ethos Gold 

  1. Drill results from Iron Point, Nevada (Expected soon)
  2. Drill results from La Purisma, Mexico (Expected soon)
  3. Drill results from Carlin East, Nevada (pending)

Liberty Gold

  1. Further drill results from Black Pine (pending)
  2. Further drill results from Goldstrike (pending)
  3. Monetize or spin-out TV Tower Turkish asset (pending)

Premier Gold Mines

  1. More news on all fronts! (pending)


(Note: This is not investment advice and I am not a geologist. Always do your own due diligence. I shares of all companies mentioned, which I have bought in the open market and am thus biased. Novo Resources, Lion One Metas and Miramont Resources are passive banner sponsor on my site. )

Best regards,

The Hedgeless Horseman

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