#1 The world is awash with debt

#2 The world can’t pay all that debt

#3 The financial system is an artificial house of cards only helped by manipulation of interest rates and money printing

#4 The world produces more gold than is found each year

#5 ESG trends makes new supply of gold more and more constrained

#6 Central Banks around the world are back buying gold for the first time in a long time

#7 Gold is a finite resource

#8 Gold has been around for 5,000 years as the premier store of value with a 100% win rate across countless civilzations/eras

–> Reason to own gold keeps getting stronger

–> Supply picture keeps getting better (worse)

–> Demand/Supply picture is in a strong bull trend

In the words of Rick Rule: “A gold bull is almost Inevitable… But it does not mean it is imminent”

I see buying shares of junior mining companies every month as me increasing a bet on a game where I know who the winner will be. I just don’t know when the game is over and therefore not when I can collect the pay off. In the meantime I will increase the “inevitable bet” as much as I can while the game is still being played.

There is no reason to be anxious if you know how the same game has ended every time since the dawn of civilization…

So I’m trying to buy up as much future supply as I possibly can as quickly as I can before the house of cards falls.

One thought on “All I Need to Know

  1. ursel doran says:

    New Found Gold. Trades in N.Y. and Canada. $150,000,000 cash in the bank.
    Open pitting ABOUT One Oz gold per ton is going to be a game changer. See press releases.
    I agree with Sprott that the land position is likely to have 100,000 Oz, thus the largest shareholder..
    10 drills running going to 14. On the Trans Canada highway ten miles west of Gander.
    President is an old pal,, Mining Engineer, and VERY smart.
    Was the president of the Canadian Institute of Mines years ago when they wrote the definition of Ore reserves that are now used around the world.

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