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61 thoughts on “What Companies (That I own) Would You Like to Hear my Thoughts on?

  1. DC says:

    Irving Resources

    1. Tony says:

      Gpg,tbll,cfe. Thank you.

  2. Tony says:

    Cfe, tbll, gpg

  3. Keclonis says:

    White Rock – A coiled Spring waiting for those few announcements to turn SP around and which ones in your opinion.

    Nulegacy – Taken torpedo’s of unfulfilled drilling results, terrible sentiment and that they have one last chance to drill and prove they have something. I refer to this specific last chance –

    1. Marshall says:

      yes to both suggestions

  4. pat gardner says:

    new found gold- defiance silver-labrador
    gold-dolly Varden-golden tag

  5. Maik says:

    An update about Novo Res. would be appreciated. Thanks!

  6. Tyler says:

    Can you please cover Glen Eagle and Ophir? They dont have very much coverage anywhere that I can find. They are stuid low market caps which is very very attractive per the prospects. Thanks.

  7. Sonia says:

    Hmmm, have you covered Enduro lately? What’s new with them?

  8. John t Miller says:

    defiance and novo


  9. Jlo says:

    I would like your thougths on White rock Minerals ( I regards to just announced raise. Plans for Woods point. I Think its a huge raise, at not optimal point in time. And focus seems to already be on being a developer and not just explorer. How do you see plan for Alaska assets. Would they need additional raise?

    1. Kim says:

      Novo. Tombill. Firefox.
      Thanks for you great work

  10. Per Ljöner says:

    Eloro and Novo


  11. Is E79 Resources Corp in your portfolio?

  12. Paul Molenaar says:

    Novo update, please! Thanks

  13. Ken Bolin says:

    Hi Erik!
    Thanks again for all the free services you do for our community!

    Do you have any thoughts on Highgold Mining?
    It seems to be a well hidden sleeper?

    1. Jasper says:

      Sleeper yes, well hidden no… HIGH is one of my biggest investments. Bu I agree, would be nice if Erik does an indept article on them!

  14. T says:

    It would be nice to see your thoughts on your current Top 5 or 7 holdings and your thoughts on any contemplated additions during the silly tax loss season. Thank you.

  15. EDWARD M SCHULZE says:

    Graphene Manufacturing in great detail.

  16. SS says:

    Hi Erik,
    Thks. Would be able to share your views about Brigadier Gold?

  17. Wouter Devos says:

    Novo resources!!!
    and BCM resources

  18. Rick Flaig says:

    Novo and Irving resources please

  19. Chris says:

    An update regarding NuLegacy, WRM and Novo would be very appreciated .. thanx

  20. Allan Hoar says:

    Thanks Eric!!
    SGD and FFOX and LIO

  21. Mike McCarty says:

    Nevada King and Sokoman Minerals…

  22. L.k. says:

    Lion One Metals

  23. Michael S says:

    Eloro, Irving, Lion One, White Rock. Thanks for the offer to provide your thoughts on these and for your input throughout the year.

  24. Roger Barrow says:

    NOVO because it’s in Australia

    Eloro because it in Bolivia

    Eskay because I have so much of it

    Dolly because I want to buy more of it

    Labrador it’s So Cheep

  25. Ron Barrus says:

    Novo, Lion One, Eskay, Eloro, Irving

  26. WRM (feeling buried, but so much potential), IRV (has to turn soon, so cheap, but can probably get cheaper) and SGD (seems like it’s on the verge of being a big win).

    But, I want your thoughts not mine 🙂

  27. Ron says:

    Lion One Nu Legacy Novo Kingfisher Metals

  28. Eugene says:

    Juggernaut, Monarca, Nulegacy, White Rock.

    All four are enigmatic, with huge potential, hard
    to figure out. Is White Rock a lifestyle company
    with bad decision making, spending too much
    money, or is Matt Gill a misunderstood genius?
    Is the deposit there for sure at Nulegacy, guaranteeing
    the eventual outcome? Just need to find it? Why is
    Juggernaut so cheap? Why does QH like Monarca’s
    San Jose project so much?

  29. James Richmond says:


  30. Eugene says:

    Ophir – no reaction to discovery hole , 5 million market cap.

  31. EDG Endurance Gold and its Reliance project in British Columbia. In the interest of full transparency, I am long EDG. I know what my opinion of the project is I would like to see an independent take

  32. Randy Tausch says:

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned ESKAY Mining. The story there has incredible possibilities.
    Please tell us your thoughts.

  33. Gerry says:

    Thanks, Eric. Novo.

  34. Gerry says:

    Thanks, Eric. Novo.

  35. Irving, Lion One, Labrador, Cartier

  36. Lakota says:

    Dolly Varden Enduro Strikepoint White Gold

    Thank you and best regards.

  37. W Boever says:

    MEK Metals Creek after the upcoming results are released fro Ogden and Dona Lake

  38. Dickie Chevelle says:

    Elementum 3d and Kalamazoo Resources (Novo)

  39. WN says:

    Irving resources. Thx!

  40. David Tankersley says:

    Condor Resources (CNRIF/v.CN) – I’ve been waiting on this one for over 11 years. They need access to Pucamayo. If and when that happens, the share price should run. What do you think about this one ?

    1. David Tankersley says:

      You wrote about Condor in this article :
      about 2 years ago, but I’ve not seen any updates from you since then. Do you still like Condor ? Here are some excerpts from your article :
      . All in all, this is some of the best risk/reward I have yet to see for an exploration play given that the high risk/high reward calculation for Condor might not have any “rational valuation risk” in it for Pucamayo. Sure, the share price would very likely get hit if they ended up drilling purely dusters even at this valuation, but I don’t see a rational argument for it to go down since no potential for Pucamayo is reflected to begin with, when you account for their other projects

      3. With an EV of US$18-23 M, no real chance of success is priced in, which means I actually think Condor has 10-100 bagger potential (First time ever I have put such a claim in an article actually)

      Thanks for any response.

  41. Gary D Wilkinson says:

    Thank you for your thoughts and encouragement during this downturn in the Jr’s. It helps.

    My question is that there seems to be so many Jr’s with great potential and very good results. Seems like they all can poke a hole in the ground and find something very good, but that is not how past history has been played out.

    Are we just being way too optimistic during this time or are these really good companies that have very good projects?

  42. Mac Oyler says:

    Strikepoint, what’s going on?

  43. bonzo barzini says:

    NUG, Enduro, Condor, Inflection, Kuya. And how safe is Novo now that the Nazis have taken Australia? Thanks and merry Christmas!

  44. Estanislao says:

    Could you please anályse relative value of Novo Resources versus Eskay?! My doubts are for example in both market caps, and being Novo already producing and selling, or this one is extremely cheap or Eskay could be a little overprice. Many thanks for all your work, Estanislao from Argentina.

    1. Estanislao says:

      Sorry, to clarify Eskay Mining i was referring to.

  45. Kim says:

    Novo. Tombill. Firefox.
    Erik Thanks for you great work 💪

  46. Camarora says:

    Irving please. All have gone quiet on the one…

  47. Pim says:

    Irving Resources, White Rock Minerals, Defiance Silver

  48. Peter says:

    Nulagacy , Labrador Gold

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