Some thoughts on Novo Resources and overall sentiment in miners.

Not investing advice.

2 thoughts on “THH – Thoughts on Novo Resources (NVO.TO) – Dec 13

  1. Greg Luze says:

    Novo has stunk at investor relations and shareholder communications this past year. Fortunately they don’t need to be any good at that.

    Keep exploring, find the gold, get the sorting operations tested, and ramped up.
    Then mine and show free cash flow. Those are things they’ve proven they can do well.
    Investors will come back when there’s money in the quarterly reports.

  2. Dick Wismer says:

    Erik, when I first heard about Novo from Bob Morarity, as a retired geol, I thought this will be larger than anyone thinks. I started buying at ,65 and am still buying at a dollar. I think this is the silly season and people are taking their losses. I enjoy your newsletters and outlook on investing. When Novo starts paying dividends the price will change. Dick

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