Below are just some quick comments on companies that are banner sponsors of The Hedgeless Horseman. I own shares of all companies mentioned so assume I am biased and do your own due diligence…

Novo Resources

Tailings permit is finally in hand and the mill is turning. Novo is at last becoming a producer with the biggest growth pipeline this sector has ever seen.

Lion One Metals

Keeps hitting high- to bonanza-grace intercepts. With multiple drills working the Navilawa monster this story should soon get momentum going again.

Eloro Resources

I have done some crude calculations and the numbers are unbelievable if the they keep getting results like that 257 m hole from the first bath of assays from the Santa Barbara Breccia Pipe. A de-risked exploration story, with obscene size potential and targets that are relatively easy to drill and hit is very rare. Could be one of the most exciting exploration plays this year.

Eskay Mining

Last batch of assays contained a barn burner hole and what is even more remarkable is that 18 out of 20 holes hit significant mineralization and all this from a maiden campaign. Quinton stated that there will probably be even more targets coming up from BLEG sampling etc in addition to all the targets that are already confirmed. Total exploration potential for Eskay is like 5-10 juniors combined.

Timberline Resources

IP-survey suggests that there might be a big prize right next door to the Lookout Mountain resource. The company will do more geophysics and I would be surprised if not more geophysics targets gets turned up.

Cabral Gold

One of the most prospective land packages in the hands of a junior. More targets than I can count and they have showed that many does indeed have significant gold mineralization. I expect this story to grow and grow over the coming years.

New Found Gold

Just keeps on hitting high- to bonanza-grade intercepts and hitting in new areas. Queensway looks like a beast that will be larger than Fosterville at the end of the day. Free trading shares looks to be weighing on the stock because the stock has not gone up alongside good results.

Magna Gold

Cheap as hell and that’s on top of the very ambitious growth plans. Could be another Minera Alamos if things go right. One to watch in 2021.

TriStar Gold

Chronically cheap. Since CDS is a low grade deposit it doesn’t make many people raise their eyebrows when they come out with drill results. At the end of the day the project looks very good and the NPV is multiples of the current EV. Not many juniors out there with more margin of safety than this.

Inflection Resources

Seems to be getting closer and closer to potential porphyries given that the results from targets like Trangie. One day they might hit a bullseye and the stock  could go up multiples in short order. High risk/Very high reward.

White Gold Corp

Total sleeper. Around 2 Moz in the ground and more targets than most. I think WGO has been suffering from not having one single asset/project that the market can focus on much like Novo Resources.

FireFox Gold

Actually got some high-grade hits and extended the strike at Mustajärvi. Also exercised its option to earn 100% interest in the Jeesiö Gold Project. Immense land package in the heart of the Finnish gold rush. Kind of a sleeper than could wake up at any time.

Goliath Resources

Recently became no brainer cheap again. One of the best and most de-risked grassroot targets out there. Coming field season could light this one on fire IMHO.

Idaho Champion

Cashed up and cheap as hell. Two projects with an Enterprise Value of around US$6.5 M. Will be writing them up soonish.

Prosper Gold

Loads of greenfield and brownfield targets in Redlake. I expect this story to get very very hot during the coming field season.

District Metals

If this one doesn’t grow I will be very shocked. Plenty of obvious, near surface drill targets around a historic deposit that was set to become a mine back in the day. When the first modern drilling starts at Tomtebo I think it could wake people up.

Omai Gold Mines

A junior with some of the most probable growth upsides around. Not the best jurisdiction but some of the best geology out there and its a very de-risked exploration story. I expect to see some barn burner holes in 2021.

StrikePoint Gold

Recently came up with some very interesting drill results and new geological insights from Willoughby. I see Willoughby as a bonus project on top of Porter Silver Project since it seems Quinton believes there is a lot of potential at Porter. This one could get real fun when they start drilling again. The company also has loads of projects that it could monetize in a hot market.

Dolly Varden Silver

Very cashed up company with a high-grade silver project smack in the middle of a very hot area in the Golden Triangle. Loads of targets and with a bit more good drill results in a hot silver market I think it could become one of the hottest silver plays.

Defense Metals

An advanced Rare Earth Elements project with very favorable macro winds currently. I don’t know much about REEs but it looks very cheap and is the only REE play I own.

Golden Tag Resources

I recently did a piece on Golden Tag. If the company has success at any of the four main targets the story could change a lot for the better.

Enduro Metals

Super smart people. Immense land package in a tier #1 jurisdiction. I think this story will become better and better over time.

Labrador Gold

Its neighbor New Found Gold keeps on hitting and given that geology does not care about claim boundaries I think Labrador has a good shot of finding something very exciting up at Kingsway one of these days. Story could change overnight.


2 thoughts on “Short Notes on Sponsor Companies

  1. Kevin Morse says:

    Erik- I’m surprised not to see Irving on your list. Do you still hold them?


  2. Thanks, Erik. But what about NuLegacy, Condor, and Kuya?

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