Northern explorers are about to heat up which should allow for some low risk returns in the coming months (Dolly Varden, Goliath, Strikepoint, Enduro & Juggernaut Exploration etc)

District Metals (DMX.V) hit thick mineralization in three out of three holes which I think should be incredibly economic. Market still doesn’t get how high the margins could be IMO.

Cabral Gold (CBR.V) has found an oxide blanket over MG which looks to be a game changer from a development/de-risking stand point.

Mayfair Gold (MFG.V) is still cheap and I expect this stock to play catch up one of these days.

Timberline Resources (TBR.V) has more targets than I think the market is aware of. When this financing closes the company can get back to business.

Eskay Mining’s (ESK.V) potential is bigger than most can comprehend IMO.

Eloro Resources (ELO.V) is a bear which will soon be unleashed IMO.

Novo Resource’s looks to have bottomed which was probably helped by a huge increase in Novo’s shares of New Found Gold.

TriStar Gold (TSG.V) is still cheap.

Inflection Resources (AUCU.CN) is one very exciting exploration story with perhaps the best team I have ever seen.

Lion One Metals (LIO.V) has been one of the most boring stocks around even though the company has one of the best projects around with 6 drill rigs working. I expect excitement to kick off in H2.


Note: this is not investment advice. I own shares of all companies mentioned and they are sponsors. Consider me biased and do your own due diligence


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