One can’t know when the bottom is in but one can now when something is so cheap that a revaluation higher is a matter of when and not if. Many juniors are already priced like gold is at least $200 lower. I love that kind of margin of safety.

The pendulum always swings and things can turn on a dime. Selling near a bottom is the most costly mistake one can make. Personally I am buying everything because I have never seen so many no brainers at the same time.


One does not simply sell 6 months INTO a correction!



I will never forget 2015/2016:


In other news:


10 thoughts on “Miners Won’t be This Cheap Forever

  1. Paul J Cernac says:

    Any chance you can share with us your recent purchases? Recently bought Tristar and Wh Rock on your recommendations.

    Your portfolio only has a few companies. Are you able to share all your picks?

    1. admin says:

      I have bought more than I can count but last buys this week were Labrador Gold, District Metals, Altamira, Prosper Gold, Juggernaut Exploration, Kuya Silver, Idaho Champion and have bids in for stuff like FireFox Gold, Magna Gold, Defiance Silver and Dolly Varden (if I remember correctly).

      I think all the companies I own are cheap and I own around 30 nowadays. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel IMO.


      1. Gary Lutz says:

        Do you own Endro Metals?

      2. Wally says:

        I have TSX: AR

  2. Jesse says:

    Agreed. Like shooting fish in a barrel. I bought DEF, KUYA, ALTA, DMX, and DV as well. But I was also loading BRC, SSVR, ORE.WT, ELO, ESK, ORX and MIS.

    Why ORX and MIS? Location, location, location.
    ORX owns a big chunk of MIS.

  3. Jesse says:

    I forgot to add Lion One! LIO. Stupid cheap.

  4. ursel doran says:

    New found Gold symbol up north = NFG
    So fabulous that only a few see and believe. IPO = &0 Mill with Sprott and friends in big.

  5. ursel doran says:

    My previous comment is erased?
    Another review of NFG with some details.

  6. ursel doran says:

    All your followers need a tune up on the trading of the juniors in Canuck land.

    Look at NFG on Stockwatch, and you see there are several, 5-8, alternate trading venues on any given day that are naked shorting the stock and doing it on numerous other stocks that look to be expensive, or whatever they use for a criteria to pound them down for nickels and dimes.

    There are NO rules on naked shorting in Canada. Eric Sprott has complained about the practice on camera.
    I have it on very reliable authority that the off market trading venues you see there are owned and run by the big banks. Learned from the big N.Y. banks with their SEC blessed dark pools, Maybe.

    I have followed your work with great interest, and really wanted to make the Marfa Texas festival, as two of my long standing pals, the Ide brothers made it, but I could not.

    1. Sach says:

      Compared to big and small miners, the exploration stock NFG exhibits such low volume and liquidity, I would consider it a poor target for shorting. Yes, shorting a low volume stock will send its price down considerably but it also has to be repurchased, usually under the same low volume conditions. I think there are more liquid targets for the shorters, such as Calibre Mining and Pure Gold, which have been pounded down without mercy.

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