• Gold popped on Trump’s comments about wanting a weaker dollar as well as a low rate environment going forward:



Gold (5min).


  • Miners yawned. Especially the junior miners index (GDXJ) that was yet again capped at the “You Shall Not Pass” Trendline:



GDXJ (Weekly).


The miners seem coiled up and ready to go, the only question is where, as always. Personally I am not comfortable leveraging up just yet, nor going short it in the short term. The epic rally that began in the precious metals mining space in early 2016 should be a reminder of how volatile this sector can become at any point in time.

If you are a medium to long term gold and silver bull like me, I don’t think it’s prudent to risk being our our short the sector if you are convinced that the trend is up. If I believe I will be 100% correct in 5 years, 75% in 2 years etc, why risk ones capital by trying to “guess” the shortest and ergo most noisy/volatile time frame?

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