Bob Moriarty
Dec 23, 2020

Mac Balkam has pretty much carried Eskay Mining (ESK-V) on his back for the last ten years because he believed in the story. Many times he had to belly up to the bar to fork over some money to keep going. He never lost his faith that somewhere on the property was another Eskay Creek deposit. Eskay Creek was famous for being the highest-grade gold mine in the world with an average grade of 45.6 g/t gold and 2,231 g/t Ag.

The company plodded along year after year until he brought Quinton Hennigh on board in September a year ago. Quinton agreed that it was prime territory for finding another Eskay Creek VMS deposit since they tend to occur in clusters. Quinton came up with an exploration plan and a 20-hole 4,355-meter drill program. The first results came out on December 22 and all the reported 9 holes hit. Another 11 holes are at the lab waiting for assay. Those results will be out in a month.

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