Bob Moriarty

Sep 27, 2021

I enjoy going back referring to articles about companies that I have written about before. Contrary to how 90% of other writers handle it, every article I have ever posted is still on my site. Granted on a regular basis I report on a company that then turns around and blows up but error in forecasting happens to anyone who is honest. It’s only the crooks that claim to get every call right.

But even a blind squirrel. . .

I’ve been writing about Defense Metals (DEFN-V) for years and pretty much gotten it right. The stock hasn’t shot higher, as a silver or gold company probably would have, given their excellent results but the shares are higher. In one piece, I think it was the last piece I did on them, written in May of 2020 I spoke of the Covid hysteria as fraud. Now we know it was fraud from the gitgo and I predicted the numbers put out by governments were utter nonsense…

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