“Erik Wetterling joins me for the next two segments to share thoughts what news will drive junior company share prices higher. There is a long discussion on the type of drill programs that can attract new investors.”

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2 thoughts on “Kereport Interview: 30 MAY, 2020

  1. Mike F. says:

    Thanks for doing the interview and all you do –

    During this interview you made some nice statements about Orca Gold. You haven’t talked about it on this site since 2017 – is it still of any interest to you?

    Thanks again –


    1. admin says:

      You’re welcome Mike!

      Orca Gold kinda is still of interest. The thing was that back then, Orca was trading at a steep discount to the rest of the sector. Then the sector fell back ans Orca kinda held in there for a while. Now I see many juniors up, but some are still ways below their multi years highs. Orca hasn’t moved much however, which makes it interesting. The main thing is of course that their flagship project is in Sudan… HOWEVER, they are planning to spin out their Montage Gold ownership sometime (and I hope that is still on). When that happens I think these levels for Orca should be quite cheap because Ivory Cost is quite hot and that’s where Montage is active. I am following the story. One shouldn’t discount the ex Red Back team with Lundin backing! 🙂

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