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Apparently there is one thing that needed to be corrected after a poster on CEO.ca wrote that he had talked to Novo and that Novo mistakenly thought that the 67 gpt bulk sample was from the “uppermost horizon”, when in fact it was from the juicy bottom layer in the Mafic Conglomerates.   I emailed Leo to confirm and I got this response:

When we collected this sample back in July, we believed the dip of the conglomerate package was around 10-12 degrees.  This had us plotting up the sample in the upper portion of the conglomerate package.  What we have learned from trenching is the dip is more like 2-4 degrees in this location.  We can now see the sample came from the bottom part of the conglomerate sequence.

So this puts us back to having one excellent bulk sample from the bottom conglomerate while leaving us in the dark in terms of how rich the upper layers might be.

I played around with a few scenarios based only”on the Mafic Conglomerates and used 8 km of strike, 500 m in width and 5 m of thickness use for some “base case” calcs:

base case2

“Base cases”

… Kirkland’s 85 km of strike was as you can see not used. And average of 5m at 10 gpt near surface gold is a real money maker and sizable deposit in its own right. Above that and we are talking blue sky for real in my humble opinion.


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