I expect the real move to start when the green RSI line breaks on the weekly chart:


4 thoughts on “Novo Move Hasn’t Even Started

  1. Bob Jay says:

    Hi Erik I discovered you and your website several months ago when reading some of the posts on ceo.ca. From your articles I was led to Crescat and the amazing Quinton Hennigh. I enjoy your presentations and they help me with my choices for investing.

    I do have a question on the Lassonde curve. I know how to apply it to explorers but have no clue when it comes to Novo Resources. Can you help me?

    Thanks for all you do,

    All the best, Bob

    1. admin says:

      Hi Bob,

      I would simply say that Novo has multiple high priority projects and that Beaton’s Creek is on the right side of the graph and that Karratha/Egina are in the early stages of the discovery phase. Not that Karratha/Egina are brand new but I think that they are treated as such until more data comes out (ore sorting and grades). Then we have equity investments at different stages as well (NFG, KZR, Malmsbury)…

      I would simply say that I expect Novo to grow for decades via an ever increasing amount of projects and that I don’t see the Lassonde curve to give much guidance in terms of timing an exit or whatever. I expect to be owning Novo longer than any other miner.

      Best regards,

  2. JP Adams says:

    As long as the 10 year US treasury keeps climbing, currently 1.45%, you are going to continue see a lot of selling pressure on all of the miners which will suppress the price of NR no matter how good the news is.

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