There was a very interesting video presentation done by Quinton Hennigh (which was recorded on May 30 and uploaded yesterday on June 21) posted in the CEO forum today by “jims”. Probably the juiciest presentation done to date in my opinion. (Big spoiler: The Beaton’s Creek system might be twice as rich as first thought!!).


Take aways and time line:

11:58 – Beaton’s Creek overview and history

  • “We have since bought out Millenium’s interest in the Beaton’s Creek project, so we own this a 100%.”

15:40 – Geological insights from Beaton’s Creek

  • “We also see carbon.”
  • “Very similar to what’s seen in South Africa.”
  • “Carbon intergrown with uranium and thorium.”
  • On the fines: “A lot of gold that you see like this is actually precipitated out of sea water at the time of deposition.”

20:15 – Discovery and the staking rush that followed

26:00 – First in situ nugget finds and the trench videos

27:10 – First bulk samples procssed by Nagrom with a Steinert

  • “In 10 or 11 seconds it processed 500 kg of rock.”
  • “It was amazingly efficient.”
  • “Reduced it to about 2% of the mass yet captured about 85% of the gold.”

29:30 – Deal with Kirkland and site visit by Sprott and Tony Makuch (CEO of Kirkland Lake)

30:30 – The famous (imfamous) live stream

34:00 – Close up of the gold halo!

  • “See that little halo of fine disseminated gold around the nugget? That was an eye opener. Holy smokes…”
  • “We are dealing with something different than I have ever seen”

Horseman: “No precipitation in Karratha” the bashers say…



Cross cut-Karratha. (click to enlarge)


37:10 – The large diamater drill rig debacle

38:50 – Insights from Mick the prospector

43:55 – In depth analysis of the gold nugget halo

  • “Probably forming in a submarine environment.”

45:05 – Pilbara juniors and the big picture

  • “Everybody who’s got a conglomerate showing is contacting me.”
  • “We’re learning more and more very quickly about the distribution of these occurences across Pilbara”
  • “Is it economic? I don’t know… We’re gonna try to prove it is”
  • “This thing is widely distributed across the Pilbara”

47:14 – Beaton’s Creek

  • “It caused us to think about going back to Beaton’s Creek”
  • “We asked Simon Dalmany what kind of samples hould we take at Beaton’s? … At least 2 tonnes”
  • “That means everything we have done to date is probably underrepresenting the grade!”
  • “We are now taking bulk samples from Beaton’s Creek…”
  • We expect to see imrpovements in the grade based on the initial information we have…”
  • Probably twice of what we were seeing before” !!!

48:00 – A perspective from Witswatersrand

  • “It’s a half meter thick. That’s the main leader reef right there…”
  • “That ended up producing 250 Moz of gold in the Central rand district. It’s a half meter thick!”
  • “I got down in there and sampled that. I got 16 gpt… Put it in perspective.”
  • “Now this is the main reef underneath. It’s about 2-2.5 m thick. It grades about 3-4 gpt… It was not mined”




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