On Monday, I finally had a chance to visit with Dr. Quinton Hennigh. Many of you know Dr. Hennigh as the president of Novo Resources but he’s also a technical advisor and board member to a promising new company called New Found Gold. Take my word for it. You want to listen to this podcast.

I’ve been wanting to connect with Dr. Hennigh for quite some time as I am a long-term holder of Novo Resources. We’ve tried to schedule podcasts but, for one reason or another, we just never got it put together. So, when Dam Ameduri called and asked if I could speak with Quinton regarding New Found Gold, I jumped at the opportunity.

Why? Because Quinton is an industry leader. He’s also still President and Chairman of Novo. But now he’s gotten involved with New Found Gold, which I’ve heard Eric Sprott mention on multiple occasions since August. I’m not currently a shareholder so I was interested in learning more…and I’m glad I did!

CLICK HERE to access the article/podcast.

3 thoughts on “SPECIAL PODCAST: Dr. Quinton Hennigh of New Found Gold Corp.

  1. Sach says:

    Thanksgiving night here in the U.S. and I feel I just got wacked by a bus with the news released today that Kirkland Lake Gold just sold a boat load of Novo stock at $1.88 USD (based on today’s USD/CDN exhange rate of $1.30.) What a wonderful vote of confidence for Novo knowing Kirkland Lake wants out now rather than later. I’m too old and wise to believe the forthcoming reason that will be given for Kirkland’s exit.

  2. roger barrow says:

    I down A Boat Load, Wendsday just before the close I was in the process to
    load some more NOVO on to the Boat, At the same time i got distracted and missed out
    on Buying more NOVO .
    I have been thinking to Buy a bunch more New Found Gold
    But sense Novo holds so much of it I thought id just Buy more Novo.
    But why take Bigger Chance on NFG when i didn’t know enough about NFG

    Its My fought to own so much NOVO,It my fought to read so much info

  3. roger barrow says:

    thank God for” Great Bear Res.& De Gray”
    There They are Pulling me out of the Hole
    That NOVO got me into

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