Some micro cappers have become absurdly cheap.

If one is afraid of dilution there are juniors like Nevada King with C$25 M in the till that should last for up to two years.

Cabral has de-risked their projects a lot recently which has not been reflected at all in the Price of the company.

Eskay Mining is currently testing 6 km of strike so a lot could change for the company after this field season is wrapped up.

New Found Gold has gotten pretty cheap again and it might have something to do with the second tranche of Sprott’s purchase not being closed yet.

Snowline looks like the Eloro of gold.

Inflection Resources has drilled their best hole so far (very intense porphyritic rock) and yet share price is at all time low.

Mantaro has hit five veins at Golden Hill and is still near all time low.

Goliath keeps up the 100% hit rate and expanded the blue sky. Yet share price is unchanged pretty much.

Magna Mining has been quiet but they are very much still working.

Jazz Resources looks cheap to me.

Western Alaska is drilling.

Scottie Resources is drilling.

Lion One for sure is drilling  a lot.

i-80 Gold looks mind numbingly cheap.

NuLegacy is back from the dead.

Solis disappointed but now sits at $4.2 M MCAP with $3 M in cash.




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