Erik Wetterling, Founder and Editor of the Hedgeless Horseman website, joins us to share why he feels we have seen a key inflection point in the precious metals sector, backed up by some technical factors on a chart he has included.

 We then get into a very wide ranging discussion about the recent moves seen in the gold exploration stocks, and how he manages his portfolio. While we got into a number of companies examples during the span of the discussion,  Erik brought the conversation back to Eskay Mining (ESK) a number of times to illustrate a number of points on how he approaches investing in the juniors.

Next we get into how he blocks out a lot of the noise in macroeconomics, technical analysis, and even sentiment that so many focus on where he is strictly concerned with buying low valuations.  We wrap up the conversation with a candid chat that touches on when to keep holding, if he does “Hedgeless Horse trading” to rebalance his portfolio, and even what his exit strategy looks like. (It sounds like he will be holding all the way until The Great Reset)

CLICK HERE to listen to the interview.

One thought on “Erik Wetterling – The Precious Metals Just Pivoted Off A Key Inflection Point And The Hedgeless Horseman Weighs In

  1. ursel doran says:

    NFG stock is on a pause here until they get the assay issue of visible free gold sorted out to their most capable satisfaction.
    Drill data on all the OLD drill holes on the Keats zone should be out shortly and before too long a resource calculation on the Keats zone.
    Open pitting a distinct quartz vein with visible free gold at about one ounce a ton is to be very good business, and never ever seen, ever, that I can recall in the business, thus newbie kiddies cannot comprehend the significance.
    Ten rigs running with four more on the way and about $150 Million in the bank.
    On the Trans Canada highway ten miles west of the city of Gander.

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