Erik Wetterling, Founder and Editor of the Hedgeless Horseman website, joins us to share why he remains encouraged to keep buying cheap valuations in gold stocks as we await an exhaustive selling capitulation in the precious metals sector.  Erik harkens back to the similarities we are seeing now where we may get one more false breakdown, to other turns in the sector back in late 2015 and 2018.   We also get into why he has increased the number of holdings in his portfolio, because he believes that there is so much room to run in many stocks that despite being more diversified that there is plenty of upside potential across the board in the junior gold stocks. 

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One thought on “Erik Wetterling – Buying Gold Stocks On The Cheap Into Sector Capitulation

  1. Martin Porter says:

    Omitted to mention Novo Resources in my earlier list of investments.

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