As most of you know I was invited to attend the Precious Metals Summit Conference at Park Hyatt in Zurich this week (props to @Miningbookguy). I had 1-on-1 meetings with management from 21 companies in total. Fortunately I got to meet with every company I had on my “priority” list. With that said there were many more companies present at the conference that I would also have loved to learn more about, but I simply had to draw a line somewhere.

I met with the following companies (in no particular order):

  • GFG Resources Inc.
  • Prize Mining Corp.
  • Otis Gold.
  • Kirkland Lake Gold.
  • Newrange Gold Corp.
  • Endeavour Silver.
  • Goldmining Inc.
  • Probe Metals Inc.
  • Mundoro Capital Inc.
  • OK2 Minerals Ltd.
  • U.S. Gold Corp.
  • Barsele Minerals Corp.
  • Fiore Gold.
  • Trek Mining/Newcastle Gold/ (Equinox)
  • Superior Gold Inc.
  • Contact Gold Corp.
  • Kootenay Silver Inc.
  • Redstar Gold Corp.
  • First Mining Finance Corp.
  • Ashanti Gold Corp.
  • Revival Gold Inc.

I only had time to catch a glimpse of two presentations, which were Rick Rule’s Keynote Presentation and the presentation of the Australian junior De Grey Mining.

Overall I would say that I had a really good time in Zurich and all the people I met were absolutely great.  No wonder many of the guys and gals that manage these companies have a fantastic track record of successes. The conference as a whole went smooth thanks to the awesome people that did such a splendid job of organizing it, with great food, great location (Park Hyatt is fancy to say the least) and people in basically every corner ready to help with finding the right room. Even the elevators had two people outside just to offer directions and literally press the buttons.

It will take some time to go over all my notes and put (coherent) articles together. The problem with meeting management from so many companies is that you get information overload, and there is just so many things said in each meeting that one can’t write it all down. I probably went through 40 pages even though I only had time to write short bullet points.

I will say that I left most meetings with a more positive view on the respective company. In some cases the positive surprise was large enough to make me buy shares as soon as I got back to my hotel room.



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