Graphene Manufacturing Group Ltd. (CVE:GMG, OTCMKTS:GMGMF) made three key announcements this week that have massive applications for the next generation of batteries we could see in phones, cars, and houses. GMG has produced a new type of low-cost, high-performing, recyclable battery that is environmentally friendly as it does not contain cobalt, nickel or lithium.

GMG utilizes lots of existing technology to make the new battery, but its nanochemistry is what makes it a top performer. GMG’s batteries charge 60X faster than today’s lithium-ion units and are 80X more powerful while lasting much longer. Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) batteries are designed to remove the heat out of the battery. GMG’s battery doesn’t have that problem as it requires no cooling without sacrifice to its power.

Via Midas Letter RAW

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