Markets in an uproar, the Reddit Mafia rocks Wall Street, what does the short squeeze mean for Silver and gold? Last week was a wild week in the markets. Battered stocks and obscure companies got rocketed into the stratosphere by a cadre of Reddit activists determined to shock the world! Bed Bath and Beyond, AMC, Tootsie Roll, and of course the poster boy–Gamestop. We saw what happened with First Majestic Silver–one of the mining companies I currently hold? Silver and Gold markets are some of the most manipulated and SHORTED markets on earth. In this video I’m talking with Dr. Quinton Hennigh, He’s an economic geologist and Director with New Found Gold. I’ll get his opinions on what effect all this Reddit rowdiness, as well as more government deficit spending and even a possible “Green New Deal”, will have on precious metals. And I’m going to ask him how it could translate into nice profits for his company and shareholders.

CLICK HERE to watch the interview.

One thought on “Reddit Mania Silver Siege? Interview With Quinton Hennigh

  1. Mr. Magniloquent says:

    I began my education in 2006 through Ron Paul and LewRockwell. I was just some scrub college student. I’ve been on Zerohedge since very nearly the beginning.

    Despite having learned so much, it’s difficult to see the path forward. Exactly what do you think it will take for us to return to honest money? At this point, I’m just trying to make a better world for my children. A lifetime of attrition seems bleak.

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