On today’s episode of Forward Guidance, Felix Zulauf, a renowned macro investor known for his uncanny market timing, shares his outlook on various time horizons about stocks, bonds, and commodities. Zulauf explains why the reflationary types of trades might continue to sell-off over the near-term as economic conditions worsen, however restored liquidity conditions might in the second half of 2022 breathe new life in stocks and commodities. Zulauf shares his longer-term analysis on gold and currencies, and tells Jack Farley why he thinks that bond yields are in the process of bottoming.

Timestamps: 00:00 Introduction 00:28 Felix Zulauf’s Macro Outlook 07:00 Commodities 08:55 Gold & Bitcoin 15:22 China 21:51 Economic Outlook 24:26 Stock Market Outlook 32:38 End Game for Central Banks

2 thoughts on “Must Listen: Felix Zulauf’s Big Calls For 2022 And Beyond

  1. Ty Bollinger says:

    I think Felix is a charlatan with a cloudy crystal ball. These charlatans have one thing in common, they are always long term gold permabulls and short term gold permabears. Like Jordan Roy-Byrne. “Long term gold looks great, but I am cautious on gold the next 6 months”. Great CYA move, and great way to sound wise to peddle the subscription service….the charlatans will NEVER be short term bullish on gold, because they know that they only have to get that call wrong once to be perceived as a gold shill and suffer permanent damage to their reputation. But be bullish long term of gold, cautious short term, and then miss a short term rally? No problem, they can spin their way out of that. These people are self-promoters, not people trying to make you money. I would recommend getting long gold/silver miners, now, and not trying to time the market like these guys recommend.

  2. Eugene says:

    Other signs you are dealing with a charlatan:

    1) They all “claim” to have called the gold top in August 2020, and are happy to tell you that (Zelix says he put out a sell signal on gold in August 2020….)

    2) They are all market timers. With a forecast that is a zigzag, not a straight line.

    3) They all use analogies to past periods of time in different markets. They claim history repeats itself. Felix for example says China today is Japan in 1990.

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