Jim Rogers offers his analysis of the latest movements in stocks, gold, and commodities. He argues that ‘in a few weeks’ we should expect to see a ‘positive development’ when it comes to the Ukraine conflict, and this might cause a rally in stocks. He spoke with Michelle Makori, Editor-in-Chief and Lead Anchor at Kitco News, at the FreedomFest 2022 conference in Las Vegas.

0:00 – Bear market in stocks 3:45 – A big rally? 5:54 – U.S. debt and markets 7:17 – Fed policy and recession 8:36 – Investment implications 10:10 – Inflation predictions 12:02 – Bitcoin 13:46 – Agriculture, Ukraine, 18:17 – The U.S. dollar 20:50 – Gold 22:45 – Life advice


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