In our last conversation with 321gold founder Bob Moriarty, Bob told us that Novo was about to pour its first gold at Beatons Creek, and that his new book on the Novo Resources story would be published on the day of the first gold pour at BC. The first gold pour happened, Novo’s share price shot skyward, and the book was published. I finally received my hard cover copy in the mail last weekend and immediately began reading the story. It’s a tough book to put down and can easily be read cover to cover in a single day. Without further ado, Energy & Gold’s March 2021 conversation with Bob Moriarty…

Goldfinger: I have read about half of your book “What Became of the Crow?“. The hard copy is fantastic, it’s very well done. I like how it feels like a real book that’s not going to get torn or bent. I’m glad I got the hard copy and I’m a little more than halfway through it. There’s a lot more to the Novo story than I ever knew. In addition, I learned a lot about many of the characters involved in the Novo Resources (TSX:NVO) story like Mark Creasy and Eric Sprott. I must say I really enjoyed the backstory on Kirkland Lake and Newmarket Gold, as well as the 2017 staking rush in the Pilbara. It’s a fantastic read, it really gives the reader an insight into putting together a junior mining company. What’s involved and some things that can go wrong, and some of the things that can go right. It’s quite a journey, a long journey. 

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One thought on “Bob Moriarty: Inside The Greatest Gold Discovery In History

  1. Sach says:

    Avoid Amazon unless you want the Kindle version of the book. Instead, buy the hard cover or soft cover of the book at the publisher’s website and then conveniently use your Paypal account for the purchase. There are Lulu discount coupons available at the major coupon websites to knock 15% off the cost.

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