… You buy the assets and labor of the company in question…

You watching the stock price every day does nothing to help the company…

You could be off grid in a cottage for 6 months and it will not have impacted the company or the value of your shares…

You invest so others work for you…

Investing and then spending all day worrying about every tick of the stock or every tick of gold/silver is a complete 100% waste of time for a long term shareholder (owner)…

Scenario A:

Long term investor who spends 10 hours a day watching the markets, forums and stock tickers without doing any action.

Scenario B:

Long term investor who spends 1 hour reading, 1 hour working out, 7h 3min working and 30 min watching the markets/stocks.

… Both will have the same ROI on their investment but one will have wasted close to 10 hours per day while the other got fit, got paid and learned stuff.

Decide not to waste your precious time.


4 thoughts on “When You Invest…

  1. Gordon says:

    Good advice as always HH. Looked over recent news about Novo, now going out for my daily cycle ride.

    1. admin says:

      Excellent choice Gordon! Investing done right.

      Best regards

      1. Jasper says:

        When you don’t invest you lose money anyway these day’s…

  2. Marc Ginsberg says:

    Amen! Stress kills.

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