Discussing mining stocks that were requested as well as some investing theory: Eloro Resources, Goliath Resources, Tombill Mines, Defiance Silver, Irving Resources, Cartier Iron


0:00 Sentiment and investing 9:40 Eloro Resources 17:01 Goliath Resources 23:55 Defiance Silver 28:40 Irving Resources 32:55 Tombill Mines 36:55 Cartier Iron Not investing advice. Consider me biased.

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2 thoughts on “THH – A look at ELO.V GOT.V DEF.V IRV.CN TBLL.V CFE.CN

  1. jimh says:

    Valuations are stupid low across the board. Very few PM stocks that are overvalued at this point. Many priced at greenfield valuation with no drilling even with good assays/results in hand. Irving is just one of these.

  2. bonzo barzini says:

    Thanks HH. I love ELO, IRV, Goliath, FFXF, DV, Cabral, Enduro, ESK, LIO, NFG, Novo, TLRS, WHGOF, WRMCF, BCMRF, SGD, Aurion, etc. at these low prices. Keep the faith.

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