Just a short list of some names I own or am watching made up of mostly very advanced explorers and/or developers. Note that Enterprise Values might not be totally up to date given companies burn cash and some haven’t been updated in a while etc. Some notes are forward looking as well like resource expectations etc. Anyway, the current market environment is really a smorgasbord.


Note: Not investment advice.

2 thoughts on “Some Names I Own or Think About Owning

  1. Kenny says:

    I don’t understand what unit of measure you are using for Enterprise value. Montage for example has 3 million ounces, and a current market cap of $70 million at .67 a share. Are you saying the Enterprise value is “$36.72” per share? That would be a market cap of over $14 Billion dollars. About $4,800/ounce.
    I must be missing something.

    1. Kevin says:

      Enterprise value is Market Cap + Net Debt. that means MC + Debt – Cash.

      That’s the price you would pay if you bought the company outright.

      Market cap is # Shares X Share price

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