Just some quick, personal, potentially biased thoughts on a few companies as of today, June 08:

Eloro is cheap

Novo might have put in the “final” bottom

Labrador Gold is not cheap but exciting. Never underestimate momentum.

Eskay Mining should soon go from boring to very fun

Rokmaster is cheap

Tristar Gold is cheap

Kuya and Mantaro could get flushed if election results are bad (I will hopefully have dry powder to add during a flush). On the other hand they could go up if election results are good.

Loads of northern explorers will soon start to drill (Eskay, Goliath, Kestrel, Juggernaut, Kingfisher, White Rock, Enduro etc etc)

Cabral keeps delivering good news

Grande Portage looks solid

Tombill should have assays out soon I guess (can get swingy)

Prosper Gold is drilling and might get swingy

Ophir Gold has begun drilling (relatively high chance of success)

Timberline is cheap

Lion One has probably bottomed

New Found gold is certainly not cheap but it looks to be a beast and has a lot of momentum still

NuLegacy Gold should have assays out soonish. It will probably get swingy. I am not expecting a bulls eye but would like to see them hit an economic intercept so I know the system is good.

Omai Gold Mines is cheap and has a PP open

Mayfair Gold is cheap

Inflection Resources is cheap (but high risk/high reward)

Idaho Champion is very cheap relative to the size of the Champagne Target

Deep-South Resources is dirt cheap

I expect Dolly Varden to get moving soonish

District Metals is still underestimated IMO


Note: Not investment or trading advice. I own shares of all companies mentioned and most are banner sponsors. Consider me biased and do your own due diligence.


16 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts – June, 8

  1. Mike McCarty says:

    New to the game as I am, I cannot thank you enough for the insights. I have researched as much as I can about whatever I can, and find your thought processes completely intriguing. I may or not make money in the long run, but it won’t be for lack of trying! Nothing like putting skin in game. Best…and good fortune to you, and to all.

    1. admin says:

      Very welcome Mike! I don’t care that much about the money. I am more interested in simply beating the market (competitive nature) and trying to help people become better investors. I do think I have a unique take on things since I have a bit of a unique background I guess. So far it seems to be working very well so can’t complain. One thing to stress is that I think learning about investing psychology and risk/reward has better pay off than learning geology and mining engineering. I think you will do fine since you seem to have the motivation!

      All the best,

    2. Gary says:

      What is your thoughts on Enduro Metals?

  2. Ryan says:

    These updates are the best man. Thanks so much. Holding strong Novo NuLegacy Eskay and NV Gold. Results coming soon.

    1. admin says:

      Glad to hear that Ryan,

      I guess I should do them more often :).

      All the best,

  3. Aaron says:

    Eskay update today or tomorrow?

  4. Marc S Ginsberg says:

    Love when you do this. Thanks

  5. Jay Linn says:

    Some day you may have to start charging for these valuable ‘quick thoughts’. Great overview. Thank you!

  6. Kevin Morse says:

    I love the quick updates. Keep them coming perhaps monthly. Thank you Erik,

  7. jimh says:

    Eloro is going to be massively, astoundingly, huge. They have not even found the extent of this deposit in width or depth yet. I’m hoping to see a couple to several hundred million ounces of silver equivalent in the first resource announcement near the end of fall (as they state in their current presentation). And that’s only going to be the beginning as it probably gets to a billion+ ounces. Porco is likely to be another big breccia pipe that has a lot of good mineralization. And there are another couple potential breccia pipes to test that are also in the caldera. Then you still have the tin porphory prize sitting below all this. Incredible.

    1. Jasper says:

      Jim, sounds great for for such a resource located anywhere but Bolivia imho.
      Yesterday there was a fight guess where… (in the Bolivian parliament lol)

      1. jimh says:

        Fair enough – but then I never claimed that Bolivia has the same jurisdictional risk as BC.

        Some points though:
        1) I am in from a LOT lower price than currently
        2) I am not going to own this forever – it is a trade
        3) No matter what company I sell as profits come down the line for the reason you state as well as other risks – while anyone can predict the future no one can guarantee it.
        4) I’m not saying put all your money in it either.
        5) This is going to be big enough that its gonna get mined – the question is by whom?
        6) Any nationalization effort would be unlikely to start until their is an actual resource and closer to production (I believe) – I am likely going to be 100% out way before that.
        7) Any stock investment is a risk – If you play it right any increase in risk should also come with the possibility of greater reward. It’s a probability calculation. What is my perceived risk vs possible return? If there is a 20% chance of getting to production w/o govt intervention/takeover and I get a 10x return if that scenario comes to fruition then that’s a bet you want to make every time.
        8) I believe the payout for Eloro is a multiple of the level of risk and so to me this is something I have no problem having money in. Not all my bets turn into a profit, but the ones that do go up enough to more than make up for the ones that go down or go sideways as a result.

        1. Jasper says:

          Points taken 😉 It’s all about market cap, a pity I missed Bob Moriarty who wrote about Eloro in april 2020, when they were still dirt cheap”.

  8. Travis says:

    After years of buying and selling NOVO, making a but load of money in the process, I think it’s time to hold now. I have no plans of flipping any more shares.
    NOVO is my largest holding and my retirement.

  9. Dann says:

    What is up with Irving Resources ? Just keeps going lower since Sep ’20. Maybe it’s just forming a very big base in the 1.50-1.80 (OTC) range ??

  10. jimh says:

    I think it was a victim of its own success. The news flow is slow and not enough drilling news to keep speculators happy and on board. Same with Lion One. At this price you are getting in at roughly half the price Newmont paid for their last equity buy in last year. I think Newmont knows a few things and that getting in at a price below them is probably not a bad move.

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