Eskay Mining’s Vice-President of Exploration, Dr. John DeDecker, provides an overview of the recently announced discovery of more VMS targets and an update on the commenced drilling at Scarlet Ridge.

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2 thoughts on “Eskay Mining (TSX.V: ESK) | Discovers More VMS Targets & Commences Drilling at Scarlet Ridge

  1. jimh says:

    Which is all great but I worry about assays this year considering how screwed up it was last year. Supposedly it is not going to be the issue it was last year. However, they have 40% of the planned drilling completed and not a single hole reported on for assays. There was a full offseason to make other arrangements with an laboratory that did not have those issues last year. They made the conscious decision to stay with the same company. Will investors pay the price again this year?

    1. admin says:


      From what I understand labs are expected to be much faster this year. Furthermore “time to assay” is not a factor that I don’t think is something one should use in an investing case. The more “boring” something might be means there might be a boredom discount for a while because we all want instant gratification. If a company drills 10m of 10 gpt Au those assays (value) will not change depending on how quick we get said assays. The only real potential negative of slow assays as I see it is that it might not produce feedback for the company as quickly. If they drill all holes before any assays are out, and it’s not easy to spot the mineralization visibly, then a company might end up putting holes with less bang for the back…

      Otherwise I think slow assays are great for any patient investor because one would rather buy the same results for a price of X minus a 20% (boredom discount) than X or more if there is too much of an “excitement premium”.

      Best regards

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