I have been invested in the Mexico focused company called Defiance Silver Corp for several months and am happy to have the company come on as a sponsor or The Hedgeless Horseman. I think it is one of the more unique stories out there given that the company has a major gold/copper asset as well as a silver asset with tier 1 exploration potential located in Mexico. As I see it I get some great margin of safety, metal diversification and substantial exploration potential in the same vehicle. The gold/copper asset alone, in its current form, is worth a lot more than the Enterprise Value of the company on paper.

Be on the lookout for a piece where I explain my investment case for the company in the coming weeks.

Company website: LINK

Best regards,

Erik Wetterling aka The Hedgeless Horseman


One thought on “Welcoming a New Partner: Defiance Silver Corp. (CVE:DEF)

  1. Travis Bruce says:

    I’m very pleased with my Defiance Silver investment. Looking forward to you making your case.

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