By Bob Moriarty

For most of the last year I have been predicting the start of a major market crash, long overdue, to take place starting in October. I got it totally wrong. The giant crash started weeks late but is now with us. Tax Loss Silly Season this year is going to be the biggest blood bath and greatest opportunity most of us will ever see. While it’s true that the clipto currencies and major markets will suffer the greatest losses, when the margin clerk is on the other line, investors sell everything they can get a bid on.

Green eyeshade wearing account clerks in the back office convinced management of every western auto manufacturer that the way to maximum profits was to adopt a system of “just in time” parts delivery. In theory the auto companies saved money because they weren’t paying interest on the money they tied up in keeping a healthy supply of spare parts. That theory actually didn’t make any sense in an environment of zero interest rates.

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