Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable interviews the one and only, Bob Moriarty. Companies mentioned are Novo, Irving, Lion One and Hannan etc:

One thought on “Bob Moriarty: I’m Stacking Silver!

  1. Bob is not a good judge of the reasons the price of gold is going to move up.Silver is going up but only tangentially for the reasons he cites.It has nothing to do with the silver-gold ratio.This is merely an illustrative phenomenon.Demand and supply are the drivers of price.He is accurate in his judgment of Quentin Hennigh however.Personaly I would only invest in Novo which has an extreme reward ratio compared to the risk which is minimal.I would,generally invest in three countries Australia,Canada and the United States.Silver is a bit different in that investment in some Mexican silver producers is warranted.Eric Sprott is a much better investor than Bob.

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