Dec 9, 2021

Someone I have known for a long time called me yesterday and wanted to know what I thought about half a dozen stocks. He went through the list and as he did I commented on each stock I knew anything about. His last stock was White Gold. I told him it was one of the easiest calls in Canada. It’s a great stock.

Shawn Ryan put together a package of all the claims that he had staked and brought them into one company, White Gold. The claims had been spread out through ten juniors. If you take the prices of the total ten juniors from eleven years ago before he put White Gold together, the various claims would be worth $5 a share. White Gold hit a yearly low of $.45 at the first of October before jumping up 90% in the next two weeks based on a series of excellent drill results from several different projects.

CLICK HERE to read the full article.

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