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14 thoughts on “What Content do You Enjoy?

  1. Champuga says:

    All of this is very helpful. If you could add a blurb on your thoughts for the press releases that would be big especially if it’s drill related. I like the summaries and quick thoughts on multiple companies versus the company reports but they’re both highly useful.

  2. John Hay says:

    I am not accredited, so only buy silver juniors (because the majors are meh). I love your non-specific stock pieces. learning how you’re building land kingdoms in gold districts was insightful. I enjoy learning from your experiences. Since I assume you gained many new followers this year, maybe going back over your mistakes/lessons from last bull market, and previous years.

    1. admin says:

      Majors are indeed meh! That’s good to hear because that’s what I enjoy writing about the most since I think it’s better to learn how to fish than to simply be given a fish (pick) in the long run. I will cover the topic of mistakes (and what look like mistakes but are not) in the future. Thanks for the tip.

      Best regards

      1. Jack Dullaard says:

        I had wanted to print off the article on land kingdoms but can’t find it now. It would be nice if site let me read past articles…

  3. Alyoshak says:

    I agree with Champuga that all that you write is very helpful. Not only the posts on specific companies but posts on how you are thinking and investing. The mix of the two is about right, because often there simply is not much news on the companies yet what one is wondering about is whether and what you are buying and selling, what the sector currently seems like to you. Also, while the posts on individual companies are well-detailed, it is not so much that one’s eyes glaze over. The only thing that might make things better is that sometimes a company you persuaded me to invest in seems to fall off the radar screen, but that is only occasional. Perhaps a few more links to interviews or articles that you think would benefit us.

    1. admin says:

      Good points Alyoshak. I intentionally try to have that mix. A sound strategy should be apparent in every case because otherwise the case wouldn’t be sound in the first place. When the sector as a whole is so cheap I think buying is much more important than selling. Like now for example I don’t really know any position that looks like anywhere near a sell while I would pretty much be happy buying more of every stock I already own. This is the fortunate situation of a depressed sector. Some companies fall off the radar a bit because there is simply not much to talk about. If the case made sense at X and it has fallen 20% from X on no news then it’s simply a better case (all else equal). Furthermore, I have never owned as many different stocks as I do now so attention naturally gets diluted a bit.

      Best regards

  4. Paul says:

    I noticed you have not updated your portfolio of holdings since way back in Aug 31, 2020. Do you plan on updating that anytime soon?

    1. admin says:

      Hi Paul,

      I get asked about that quite a bit. The “problem” I have with that is when I own illiquid shares from a PP (in physical certs) it can result in positions that are larger than I think is optimal. Eskay Mining is for example my largest single position if I include the face value of the warrants. Not long ago it made up 30% of my portfolio. Would I say that Eskay is the single best stock? I’m not sure about that. It is certainly a top 3 for me but I think Novo is slightly better from a R/R perspective. The heart of the matter is that my portfolio does not always reflect the current rankings in terms of investment attractiveness so I have been hesitant to just update my holdings and instead mostly let people make up their own opinions without my current portfolio composition influencing said opinions.

      Best regards

      1. Andrea Rossi says:

        Hi Erik,
        so , if I understand correctly, it is the watchlist that reflects your current recommended list of stocks to have . How often is it updated ?


    2. bill says:

      Keep doing what you are doing! I enjoy the variety of articles, and take great interest in your work. Love too the writings of Bob Moriarty!

  5. Tony says:

    I agree with the comments already made and very much enjoy and appreciate your analysis and what information you have been providing for our investments.

  6. Marshall says:

    Very insightful analyses of individual companies. You acknowledge, and I take into account, your bias when analyzing sponsor companies. Your general trading tips are good for beginners and intermediates, perhaps a bit less so for those with more extensive experience. I appreciate your focus on brownfield and especially greenfield explorers. Even Novo was greenfield when you started coverage. Next to Moriarity, you have been the best analyst on Novo over the years. I notice that you and Quinton (via Crescat) include a lot of a company’s visuals (maps, drill results, etc.) in your analyses. Maybe other readers find this valuable, but what I find most valuable is your personal interpretation of those company materials. For example in your recent excellent Idaho Champion analysis, perhaps a bit less company material, but keep all your own material.

  7. Paul J Cernac says:

    I appreciate your long-term outlook… hard to pick a bottom when a junior can bounce 20% in a day. Would appreciate if you updated your portfolio page… you have said that you have about 30 stock yet the portfolio page has only a handful. I am must intrigued by beaten down stocks that have a verified resource in place, like Tristar.

  8. Matt W says:

    Hi Erik – I’d love to hear more about how you approach position sizing, which admittedly, is something I struggle with a bit.

    I also really like the idea above to provide your “quick take” thoughts on drill results / press releases that get posted on your site.

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