So, I thought it would be good to hear what you guys/gals most like to read about. I got a pretty heavy work load nowadays (and I expect it to get heavier still) so it’s probably best to start prioritizing a bit…


  • More “Stock Reports” on different companies
  • What I am buying and/or thinking of buying
  • Investing Theory, pitfalls and market psychology etc
  • More stuff on company X
  • More charts of companies
  • My journey to where I am today
  • Pictures of cute cats and/or more of my killer memes

Comment on this post below, send me an email or message me on twitter etc. Maybe I should do a poll but lets try this first.


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38 thoughts on “What Are You Most Interested in Reading About?

  1. Ed says:

    Deep analysis, like you did on Eskay Mining.

    1. chris williams says:

      Hi Eric, Since most money seems to be made on discoveries and also discoveries have some protection against a possible fall in the gold price, I personally like discoveries. For instance, I had a bit of luck recently with Sassy resources. Cheers, chris.

  2. Thierry says:

    What I am buying and/or thinking of buying
    More stuff on company you are buying
    More charts of companies I am buying and/or thinking of buying

    1. Tom says:

      I like you views on what you are buying and why. I have distilled my likes to purchasing what billionaires (I.e. Sprott & Beaty)are buying especially when they have bigger backers. That means the likes of Novo and Irving having Sumitomo and Newcrest in the background.

  3. Patrick Jäger says:

    Hello Erik,

    this is Patrick from Germany. I like your deep analysis like e.g. Eskay, Condor Novo in general and of course the information waht you buy from an investors point of view (margin of safety vs. firecracker style). Thank you very much for your very valuable contributions! They’re helping me a lot in doing my investments.

    Of course it is always intersting to know of a persons background!

    Let us know…

    Kind regards


  4. Andrzej Halec says:

    Updates on your picks

  5. Max McGuire says:

    I am interested in what you are buying or thinking of buying, and also learning more about your background and how you got where you are today. Thanks.

  6. Your precious metals portfolio.
    Changes to above. Post facto as you are not advising

  7. Gordon says:

    What I am buying and/or thinking of buying
    Investing Theory, pitfalls and market psychology etc

  8. James E Thayer Jr says:

    Eric, Your analysis of companies owned and interested in is of great value. There are said to be 1300+ mining companies listed in Canada and 400+ in USA. A typical investor seeking the best opportunities is, simply put, overwhelmed. Just keep doing what you have been doing so well. Vale. Jim

  9. Kenneth Bolin says:

    What you are buying and SELLING.

    More stuff on company X.

    Thanks HH!

    1. Marshall says:

      Yes, reports when monetizing HH’s shorter-term picks.

  10. Rick Flaig says:

    Hi Eric,

    What are you buying and selling and more in depth updates on you top 5 holdings,


  11. Tom Coughlan says:

    Separating “fluff” from “substance.” So many Jr. miners to invest in but trying to hit a moving target is overwhelming. Would like to see different tiers based on risk vs. knowledge. Of course I’d like to invest in a crapshoot or three, but if I can park my funds in those that have a better than average chance of hitting the jackpot and moving exponentially upwards, I’d feel confident doing so. Of course I’ll do my own due diligence, but you are like the radar that points to salient facts. I take it from there.

    And then – on occasion – an in-depth analysis of promising plays. Maybe once or twice a month. Your analysis entails a great deal of work and research which is deeply appreciated. Case in point – White Rock Minerals. Unloved, unwanted, ignored, but there is something simmering there and you back your analysis with real “meat.”

    I’m continuously frustrated by the adage – “A rising tide lifts all boats.” I don’t understand why half of my batch of jr. miners go upwards and the other half goes down. When gold went up +32 points a week or so ago, some established stocks shot up while small mines sank. What’s up with this theory?

    So much to learn, but I’m glad your are around to sift through the pile. Thanks bunches!


    1. Marshall says:

      I second Tom’s thoughts.

  12. PETE DAVIS says:

    Your in-depth analysis of the companies you are interested in. You have a far better grip on whats important than most news letter writers.

    Thank you, just keep doing as much as you can.


  13. Scott Crosbie says:

    Your analysis on what constitutes “value” is always excellent when you look at a company. So continuing a theme on value investing is super interesting. I would be curious to learn of your thoughts on how the Lundins operate. Looking at a property such as Josemaria obviously looks cheap to me With a strong backing and catalysts to come but would be great to get your opinion. Are you moving towards copper? So another topic could be on other commodities And their respective companies that may soon represent great value after the gold companies.

  14. Mike says:

    Hi Erik. I’m only in junior gold miners & it would be great to know when to sell. I’m not technical so trying to follow charts & graphs is not my thing. Thanks

  15. Hey Horse, have you given up on Valore metals?

  16. John says:

    Any updates or your thoughts on Irving.

  17. jim mclella says:

    Thanks for asking…my issue is when to sell, I’m aware on gains take your cost + back, but on losers….I already own, I already have a loss, maybe their projects will recover etc….when to bail and move on….afraid I’ll miss their possible future gain….I did believe in the stock originally… and many of my losers are down 50 to 90%. I ultimately move on…but it seems I’m late.
    Don’t think I don’t have winners….I follow most of QH’s new picks via Crescat. Enjoy all of your reports…paid for several…thanks Jim

  18. Wade Frembd says:

    Focus on a few ‘good’ companies. What’s ‘a few’? If I were you, I’d stick to those companies that I believed in. More on them, less on those that might be considered ‘fringe’ co’s.

    Your thoughts on your personal journey & cat pictures & memes are welcome too.

  19. hugh harney says:

    I’ve really appreciated your analysis of NOVO and the potential of Engina. I also like your risk analysis on junior miners.

  20. Steven says:

    Hi Erik,

    Perhaps you could talk a bit about your journey/background and how it led you to investing in this sector. Also, drilling down a bit more into the process of how you utilize your knowledge in poker to evaluate investments would be pretty awesome to me.

  21. marnix mommaerts says:

    More “Stock Reports” on different companies
    What I am buying and/or thinking of buying
    Investing Theory, pitfalls and market psychology etc
    More charts of companies
    My journey to where I am today
    Pictures of cute cats and/or more of my killer memes

  22. Guy Coenen says:

    I like the extensive reports on companies like NVO, LIO, IRV, Cabral, NFG and WRM. Further interested in write-ups on Timberline (also Quinton Hennigh). Also interviews like you did with Rob Humphryson (when is the next follow up?). Keep up the good work. Very, very much appreciated! All the best from the Netherlands.

  23. Tony says:

    Investing theories and market psychology. Especially with the explorers and juniors, prices get over-heated quickly. What is your philosophy on how/when to take a little profit to buy back lower or put into another issue?

    Thanks for your great work and presenting it in a truly compelling style.

  24. Marshall says:

    Agree with everyone’s comments about your in-depth analyses.
    Would like suggestions/ analyses of some higher risk under-the-radar stocks with potential that have not yet moved up much in price.

  25. WARREN SUTTON says:

    Hi Erik,

    Your current thoughts on Valore Metals and Dolly Varden Silver.

  26. zhuang cheng lee says:

    Analysis of mining assay and valuation, interpretation is a form of art which isnt easy for people without technical background

    1. Martin Porter says:

      Erik-(1)Thank you for your excellent analysis of Novo,a company that I’ve held for several years.(2)I ,generally only invest in three countries:Australia,Canada and the US,however bought SilverCrest, Silver One,America’s Gold and Silver,Discovery Metals and First Majestic in Mexico recently.I consider the downside on these as minimal in relation to the upside.The downside is potentially value changing owing to the possibility of governmental increase in percentage of take.I would classify them as “minimally risk reward”.(3) In addiction to my core position in Novo I have SA and KL and would appreciate your analysis,particularly related to changes in gold and silver prices and their effect on the shares.and mining practices in relation to value.(4)Am considering investmening in Dolly Varden but do not enough about their silver exploration and holdings yet.Would appreciate your thoughts.(5)I consider Eric Sprott and Quentin Hennigh as essential following,though Sprott not in all investments as he has a different outlook sometimes as to his “risk-reward”ideas,the result of having substantial finds and receiving Warrants in most companies invested in.
      (6)Would appreciate your views on price changes and holdings relating to Demand-Supply in gold and silver worldwide,and in China and India,in particular.

  27. Peter van Soest says:

    A year or two ago you were so positive about GTR, that you called it the probably cheapest gold stock in history.
    But GTR stayed calm all the way so far.
    Do you see it still as a #1 stock?

  28. Paul says:

    Hi Erik.
    I would like to know who is in your inner circle. Who do you collaborate with in regards to recommending and speaking about different companies. it seems you are linked with Bob M, goldfinger at CEO, perhaps Mr Coffin etc. Can you be transparent about who you have conversations with in this precious metals space.

    Your work is excellent and most appreciated by many I’m sure.


  29. Charles Johnson says:

    What you buying and/or thinking of buying, and your persistence in describing investments in terms of risk and reward. Very valuable. I know of no one else that does this so often.

  30. Phillip says:

    I really would like you to continue to do your deep dives into companies, especially with your analysis on how derisked they are. What you are buying or thinking of buying is of great interest because I totally agree with your philosophy of investing. And I would be interested in hearing your journey of how you got here. But please, no cute cat videos!

  31. Peter van Soest says:

    Hi Eric,

    To be the first in a new placed stock could maybe being highly profitable.
    Here is the story.
    Fosterville South (FSX) is an adjacent mine of the succesfull Kirland lake gold mines with their flagship Forterville mines. This high grade gold and low cost producer was lead by the legendary Eric Sprott in his early days as the chairman of that company.
    Eric Sprott was also an early investor in Fosterville South when it was still a private company. Fosterville South is opening a new mine later this year called Leviathan gold.
    In advance of that moment, FSX is promoting a free share of Leviathan gold correlating with the numer of stocks you are possessing on October 22th. This could be very profitable if that mine starts operating. What is your vision about this attractive deal?

  32. antimoon16 says:

    Hello Eric,
    Some valuable content would be company reports of companies that you’re not super fond of. I don’t mean obvious don’t-go to stocks, but some respectable mining companies that look decent, but are not exciting enough for you to enter in. I think sharing your thoughts of what’s holding you back in some mining/exploring companies could be an interesting angle.

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