I found a very interesting video that shows how the earth was formed and then how it evolved over billions of years. It covers how life came to be, including one of the earliest life forms, such as stromatolites. I highly recommend watching the whole thing in order to get a sense of just how different the earth was in the early periods (daily cycles and magnitude of tides etc) and later on how the continental plates led to orogeny etc.

For Pilbara investors: The 3.5 Ga time period starts at around the 16 minute mark,


Tote: There are many theories about how the earth as we see it today evolved, and when and how life started. In 2017 scientists discovered the earliest (confirmed) life on earth and it was actually discovered in the Pilbara Craton(!):



There is also a very informative infographic which shows the main geological events that led to the creation of Western Australia:


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